Hawaiian Berry Smoothie

  • Preparation time: 3 minutes
  • Cook: 7 minutes
  • Ready in: 10 minutes

Hawaiian Berry Smoothie is full of healthy and refreshing fruits like oranges, mangoes, bananas, and kinds of berries. Also, frozen yogurt and milk are needed here to make the texture more creamy and smooth. In the end, it gives you a naturally sweet flavor with a juicy combination of tropical fruits. Nw, get your hands dirty by following the recipe below.

How to make Hawaiian Berry Smoothie

Spend your 10 minutes to make this healthy and authentic Hawaiian Berry Smoothie at home. You just need to prepare the simple ingredients below and follow the steps from the beginning until the end.


For the Hawaiian Layer

  • An orange, cut into slices
  • two bananas, frozen and sliced
  • 200 gr mango dices, frozen
  • 50 ml of orange juice, you may prepare more

For the Berry Layer

  • 170 gr berry yogurt
  • 200 gr frozen berries, here you may use blackberries, strawberries, blueberries or cherries. If you want the color to be more purple, then use blackberries and blueberries the most.
  • A frozen banana, cut into slices
  • 50 gr milk, you may also prepare more


For the Hawaiian Layer

1To start making this smoothie, you need to prepare the Hawaiian layer first. Prepare a blender and put all of the Hawaiian layer ingredients in it, like orange slices, frozen banana, frozen mangoes and orange juice. Blend until completely combined, and if it is too thick, you may add more orange juice in it.

2Then prepare three smoothie glasses and pour the Hawaiian smoothie into it. Make sure you pout it evenly into each glass and give more space in the glass for the berry layer that you will make based on the step written below.

For the Berry Layer

  • To make the berry layer, you may use the same blender but after it is cleaned and rinsed. Next, put all of the ingredients in it, like the berry yogurt, frozen berries, frozen banana, and milk. Turn on the blender and combine these ingredients until smooth.

To assemble the Hawaiian and berry layer

  • After your berry layer is done, pour it into the glasses that have been filled with Hawaiian layer. Pour it carefully and see the combination of yellow and purple colors in your glass. To garnish, don’t forget to add a toothpick of berries on top of your smoothie.

Serve this beautiful and tasty smoothie for your special weekend drink that you can enjoy with the whole family. Enjoy the refreshing and sweet smoothie that is also healthy so that it is obviously safe for you to enjoy regularly.