Strawberry Detox Water

  • Preparation time: 2 minutes
  • Cook: 3 minutes
  • Ready in: 5 minutes

Summer is a hot day, and it is perfect to enjoy some chilled drinks. However, if you drink too much, then it may cause you to get flu. Fortunately, with Strawberry Detox Water, you don’t have to worry since it consists of may nutritional value. It is high in antioxidants and it can help you in reducing the harmful toxins in your body. Besides, it is also very easy to make at home. Now, read the following paragraphs for the further recipe.

How to make Strawberry Detox Water

In only 5 minutes, you can serve around two glasses of Strawberry Detox Water that you can simply make at home. The ingredients used are pretty simple, with strawberries as the main ingredients, you just need to add with ice cubes, chilled water, mint leaves and lemon slices. Then, combine and stir these ingredients. After that, enjoy this infused water immediately to get the fresh flavor in your drink. To get the more complete instructions, simply read and follow the recipe below.


  • 200 gr of strawberry sliced
  • 400 gr of ice cubes
  • 600 gr drinking water, chilled
  • A few pieces of fresh mint leaves
  • A lemon, sliced


1To make this Strawberry Detox Water, you need to prepare a glass pitcher. If you don’t have any, then you may substitute the glass pitcher with a mason jar and pick the big one. For the ingredients written above, you may prepare around two glasses.

2Then, put all of the ingredients in it, like the strawberry slices, the ice cubes, the chilled drinking water, the fresh mint leaves and lemon slices. Next, stir the ingredients slightly and get your Strawberry Detox Water ready after the ingredients are quite combined.

3After finish making this tasty and healthy Strawberry Detox Water, you need to enjoy this immediately. At least, you need to enjoy this on the same day you make the drink so that you can still enjoy the refreshing taste of this detox water. Also, you may enjoy this every day to help you manage your health.

Now, you can serve your version of homemade Strawberry Detox Water that you can easily make any time you want. As you can see, the ingredients are easy to find, and the steps are very simple to follow. With many benefits that you can get from drinking this detox water, it is highly recommended for you to enjoy this every day. Also, it is not only good to improve your body’s health but also tasty and very refreshing.